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My little CB100

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Picked this thing up a few years ago..................


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If that was mine,
I would cut off the frame right behind the steering head and build a frame around the VIN because that motor is the only worthwhile part on the bike.
... thats assuming you have ownership papers for the VIN
You guys are lucky to have such low insurance rates and lax road certification laws you can entertain fixing up an old bone like that to put on the road. Doesn't happen up here any more, is just too impractical.
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But, the draw back on that is high insurance rates.
You have no idea what high insurance rates are, up here if you were a new rider trying to insure and plate that old 125, you would be looking at several thousands of dollars annually.
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Flexible fuel cell bladder would work, basically a big plastic bag that you stuff inside the old rusty tank and that has a cap and everything.
Never seen one for motorcycles :| [email protected]$%^ there I just gave away another billion $ idea.
Kick levers on the small displacement bikes are not very well made, I used to go to swap meets and buy up kick levers from larger displacement street bikes and then make them fit. Had good luck with kick levers off of 4 cylinder bikes, they were longer, stronger and way better designed, was just a matter of finding one that held the spline shaft well enough and cleared the foot pegs on the down stroke.
If you have to replace it anyways... What if you try drilling it for a through-bolt first?

The idea would be to just put a bolt through the kick lever and the splines. That should work as a near permanent solution until you have another reason to pull the motor
Make it a very small hole if you go that route.
Oh my.

Should have made it a keyway and gone with a better lever, much easier and cheaper.
... take pictures of everything you take apart.
His day job is at waffle house.
Check the obvious first: spark at the plug?
Stator is easy enough to meter test but only if the problem is your battery going dead loss.
Carb might always be a problem :| it's an old carburetor and gasoline is not what it used to be.

... plus you have an old steel fuel tank and not an old aluminum fuel tank.
Did you set the valve clearances? Makes a huge difference on the small Honda motors if it is done well, if it is done poorly the bike will be hard to start etc. etc.
Compression test is one way to see if you are close,
or when it starts to run really really well right after you set it :cool:
Battery is new, new after market carb. New harness.

Looked at the valve adjustment, not sure if they are set right, feelers are too big to fit.

Plus, how would you hold this after adjustment. Doesn't have the slot for a screwdriver?

Ya, you can't really measure them for tolerance, you just adjust them correctly and it's done. Reasoning being that the clearance gap is a plus or minus tolerance and it is not feasible to measure a gap that is one thou under using a feeler gauge.

That square screw head on the top is the same size as a Robertson head screw.
Screw a square head screw into one end of a wooden stick and you have the perfect tool to hold it during adjustment of the lock nut.

... looks a little rusty in there where parts should only see oil and not rust.
lol mine is extreme Ichiban compared to that.
... to get a nice bend in the feeler gauge was the only hard part.
No! you whittle down a stick to make the wrench ;)
the feeler gauge just needs to be bent
lol hopefully that is already the right thickness.
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Man the clearance is is almost paper thin. I think I can whittle down this feeler to fit in there.
lol likely 5 zig-zag (white cut-corner) cigarette papers thick on the intake and 12 on the exhaust.
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Huge riding weekend here for me, is cold in the mornings, you would hate it but it's great for trials riding,
4 riders here today and a lot more coming tomorrow, Sunday even more because that's the event day :cool: is going to be awesome if it doesn't rain.
Today was perfect for riding would be nice if it is like this tomorrow :cool: fella practice riding here is Jordan Szoke

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Bought my first motorcycle at age 10 for 80$ was a 1966 Suzuki K10 :cool:
addicted to riding motorcycle since, next year I collect old age pension.
You might like to see this nicely sorted home build that was here today, I've ridden it up some pretty big stuff but omg the brakes suck.

:| I think he DNF'd

lol The trial was brutal hard partly because it rained right at start time, 29 riders :cool: scores were high lots of crashes,
but it did get easier as the day went on, we started finding ways to get around the impossible parts.
:D I won first in Grand Veteran class with 84 points lost yaaa... that's a lot of 5's and 3's :| but I had a lot of cleans too.
Apparently we set the D and B lines up a little too hard.

Ya Jordan Szoke took first today with 66 points,
Jon English 76, Brian Wojnaroski 122, Kevin Cordy 124
Jake Stapleton rode the Advanced line with 77 faults
Some serious impressive riding talent right there.
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That's not a TL Cyorg , that's a 1980's something XR200.
TL is a nice woods bike, but the stock frame geometry makes it turn too slow.

... you want to wear a ball sac to a trials event Cyorg? you must live in one very queer part of the world.
Ah! now I understand lol you might want to try riding one of those up at Ioco before you buy it.
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