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yeah, ive found my wrist doesnt get as tired as my legs do. i see your practicing riding another underpowered bike. why dont you have your knee down in that corner?? i think this is way cooler. if i could find some people that knew anything about it or would consider doing it, id start hacking into a frame right now. and hey, no peddling! looks like fun though arron. now i see why youre never around.

check it out

they used to have more pics and even some movies, but the site has changed. i actually even joined the group but they never sent me my card or stickers or anything. i love the little fairings.

a nh based group.

aaron, wheres that track your riding at??

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which shop?? procycles? i used to go there when they were in the tiny shop up the street. cooler back then. i thought you had a frame you were working on. scratch building an entire bike.
what did you think of the g bikes??

i think its cool. i didnt even know there was a track there. thats pretty cool. whos ever heard of being rained out. goofs.

later man
those are on his pay site!

apparently motorcycling is the same. something to do with the battery sitting right under the seat and electromagnetic fields blah blah blah.

a good motorcycle ride can be as good as sex anyway. and no mess to lay in, if done right!

i think this thread just ended as quickly as jeremys races do in t-3!

hehehe, that was fun though.

read today that jaypeak has gotten about 7feet of snow already this season. yeeow! getting that much snow in burlington?? the grounds froze good and solid here. even had coffee freeze to the side of my truck today. i figured out a way to make snow using my compressor some plumbing supply and my garden hose. this time last year we were still in shorts and tshirts. no crap. people decorated thier xmas trees and house in shorts last year. it was like living in LA with out the gangs. speaking of which, baltimore was voted the 2nd most dangerous city to live in in the country this week!!

hey john, hes still got bigger balls than most of us here do when hes on the track!! the crazy nutcase.

just thought of that.

you obviously werent looking at the radar gun results after the august event. not too many people were actually doing 100mph into t1. sometimes 70 feels like 100. (especially after most of your season was spent on a 70cc bike) i know aaron did try it on the honda, there are still people pissed off about it i think. he probably actually touched the brake instead of shifting!

you know, youre awefully full of yourself considering the only consistant racing you did this year was on a 50cc bike. (doh!) you gonna have the duc back up and going for next year anyway?? its so nice and shiny with that numer 58 on the front.

oh boy....i dont know what i just got myself into.

1 - 7 of 22 Posts
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