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I use a lot of ARP fastners when I have to order. The best thing I ever did though was go to a car swap meet and there are abiut a dozen places selling SS fastners and I spend all day buliding my kits. The most I ever spent was $80, the cheapest was $15 and I always get a minimum of 200 fastners

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i got to call quentin with mize mobile to make sure he can have a set of fresh avons for me at the track. after mosport, my rear tire is shagged!

so, yeah, i'm ready for summit. were taking over the awards ceremony! gonna have a HUGE party saturday night. bring lots of beer and some food if ya want to grill.

who is this new r6/v1 racer? does he/she have their own v1 bike? what kind is it?

tell me it's not zach!

let me know what's happening twinkle toes!


p.s.- why the hell aren't you at goodwood?

"dude, my boots feel like they are filled with rain slushies!"
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