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thought I might aswell start this so I can keep track of everything and show you guys at the same time.

Here is my sukida sk125-2, 95% exact copy of a 70's Honda CG125...

not too pretty but I can work with it, so the plan...

larger tank - same sort of shape just taller, wider and longer
jack up the back end - either longer shocks or move the shock mounts
Round head light
Single speedo
dropped bars - ace bars
race style seat unit
short loud exhaust
cut down the wiring loom - make it simpler
move the pegs back
remove centre stand
wider rear tyre
braided hose
Remove rear mudguard

Honda NS/R 125 forks, yokes and clip ons
Honda NS/R front brake
200 or 250 engine
and more to come

my seat unit turned up today so I took some pics

what do ya reckon?

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Nice bike,I like the stock tank. I don't think it needs much. Change the bars, the instruments and go for a round chrome headlight. Different rear shocks and lose the taillight and rear signals for a smaller set-up like the standard small Lucas style.
bfd, I think that is a power bulge.


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Nice one!

Is it possible to buy this bike new at the moment in the US?

Didn't see something like this in europe so far...

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