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Nascar Cheaters

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Heard about the big stink in NASCAR....mystery substance found in the fuel system.

Evidently some tech inspector reached inside an intake to check for something they always check for...who knows what...anyway, he brought his hand back out covered in some substance he couldn't identify. They sent it off to some NASCAR lab (if you can believe there is such a thing), but they aren't saying what it was. They just said an Oxygenator of some sort that will increase octane.

I'm betting it was Moth Balls in the fuel tank.
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Sometimes after I fart I have to put a finger in my pants to check.

But...most of the time it's so obvious I don't have to check.

I'm going to fire my butt filter.

Parks...sounds plausible.
I was picturing some kind of powder residue left over from some compound in the fuel. Perhaps an unexpected color or feel that caught the inspectors attention. that I think of it, it probably wasn't in fuel itself...too easy to test. Perhaps some compound that when heated performs it's chemical duty. Or like you say..something that disolves in the air/fuel stream.

Although no longer a Nascar fan, growing up in Tenn I learned to appreciate the technical skills of these guys. Some very very sharp wrenches in Nascar. Cheating was for year a way of life in could almost be assured the winners were cheating back then...just not getting caught. Hell, back then even the manufacturers helped them cheat.

As for probably see more passing in Nascar than you do in modern F1. Nascar is of course far more difficult than unknowledgable people deem it. As are most things. It's as precise and as technologically advanced as allowed within the rules as is F1 racing. And it has no more soap opera drama than does F1. The tire research done for Nascar shows that the typical race car at 180mph on the banked turns is experiencing almost exactly the same level of traction as a street car on sheer ice. Got to take some skills to keep that up for 500 miles.

One thing I've learned from never to belittle other types of's never ever easy to build, race and win anything...whether is a lawn mower or a airplane.
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1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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