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Nascar Cheaters

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Heard about the big stink in NASCAR....mystery substance found in the fuel system.

Evidently some tech inspector reached inside an intake to check for something they always check for...who knows what...anyway, he brought his hand back out covered in some substance he couldn't identify. They sent it off to some NASCAR lab (if you can believe there is such a thing), but they aren't saying what it was. They just said an Oxygenator of some sort that will increase octane.

I'm betting it was Moth Balls in the fuel tank.
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it is one thing to piss off the sponsor, it is another to piss off the manufacturer of the car you are driving (or at least the manufacturer of the car your car is modeled after) on their inagural year. Something tells me this will be no end to trouble.

tell me this oh great branson of the fuels, if he was reaching in the intake, what the hell kind of substance is lingering in there? I've reached in plenty of intakes only to find....nothing...traces of fuel vapor and not much else.
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