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I had this formula CB bike for sale in June at NHIS and posted it earlier in the "For Sale" section, and it is now better than ever (and More $). It is a 71 CL350 turned into a bike for FCB. Since some of you saw it last it got treated to the following: New tires front and rear, new fork seals and OEM dust boots, fresh fork oil, new clutch cable, new front brake cable, new chain, home-built saddle with tail section, new grips, fresh red Centari paint on the tank and tail-section, fresh black paint on all other parts, three new oval number plates, re-packed bearings including streering. The motor is completely stock as is the entire drive train. If you are not familiar it has "clubman type bars and reat sets (adapted from a V45 Sabre). Looks good, runs good and should pass tech with no problems. I will even throw in a full tank of race gas! and numbers (possible combinations include 3, 4, 33, 34, 43, 334, 433, (6 3s and 3 4s). $975.00 or BO. Call me at 603-475- 2507, [email protected] or see me at the track. I will try to be there on Sun night. Kevin

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