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How about this Gents.
Working of the Rev-limiter:

A rev limiter can use following types of methods to control high revs-
Spark control:

When the motorcycle reaches redline the engine closes the spark. This method is not very sustainable as the system keeps injecting the fuel into the cylinder and keeps releasing it without combustion, from the exhaust pipe. This type of control affects much internals of the bike including by the catalytic converter. When the RPM is dropped below the limit, the spark is restored. Usually, in this case, the primary peak voltage required to cause the spark is reduced as a result the ignition does not take place.

Fuel control:

Fuel control regulates the fuel flow into the cylinder and only the air goes in and comes out. Once the engine is at redline, the fuel supply into the cylinder is restricted and a lot of air enters, this causes the air-fuel mixture to become lean which refers to the burning of fuel with an excess of air in the IC engine. Engines used in this process can support higher compression ratios and provide better performance; this also increases the fuel usage and makes the engine more efficient.
In both of these cases, there is a hard-cut and a soft-cut type of rev limiting. Hard cut simply cuts either the spark or fuel completely. This type of system causes the RPM needle to linger between the set RPM point and a little below it because, at the set RPM limit, the fuel or the spark is cut which causes the RPM to lower down, which restores the spark or fuel causing the RPM TO again increase. Soft limiters partially cut the spark or fuel supply before reaching the set RPM, allowing it to climb slowly and then remain at the set limit.
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