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How difficult is it going to be for him to import the used part to the Philippine :unsure: I never sent anything there before, can I just mail it and he clears it through customs or is it going to get complicated?
If it has a stated value of less than $200USD on the customs form there is no tax/duty payable, but it might well cost him more than the value of the part to bring it here. I've often wanted to buy inexpensive items on Amazon but the shipping has generally been exorbitant, so I have had to pass. I don't know about the Canadian postal service but I have ordered from the US using USPS and it has taken over three months for orders to arrive, and on a couple of occasions - it has never arrived because they offer no tracking outside the US.

I appreciate your good intentions - but it's probably not a practical option....and once he read your reply 'Canada' to his location question - I'm guessing that he lost interest.

But maybe send him a PM and see what he says.
1 - 5 of 49 Posts