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Need help with a purchase!!??

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My friend really wants a bike. This ones about a mile away. We went and checked it out. The description pretty much says it all... except... He cleaned the carbs out, put new spark plugs on it and it still doesnt run. he says it has an electronic ignition, no points. im thinking dirty old gas or water in the tank is keeping it from firing up and running well, he stored it outside all winter. We talked him down to 150 cash. any suggestions for my buddys first bike?
think its worth it?

one more thing, I kicked it over and it didnt feel like it had as much resistance as my cb350 twin does. Is it cause the kick lever is longer(more leverage), 550's have lower compression, or that the engine is just tired (claims 11500miles)



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$150 is a pretty good deal running or not. even if you have to buy another motor somewhere you can get one for around 150 also. you're probably right, combination of old gas, maybe he messed up the carbs when he cleaned them or just didn't clean them thoroughly. he says it starts but only runs at 4-5k rpm. might be the idle screws are not adjusted properly or he didn't clean the pilot jets. starter motor is probably a broken wire or switch or bad contact somewhere. as far as compression, could be low. but 11,500 is not that many miles. mine has somewhere between 30-40k and I beat the snot out of it. they do kick pretty easily but I've never kicked a twin for comparison.
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