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New age cr750

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I'm not sure how well the fairing works, but I do like how the seller took the pictures.
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I still don't know what to think when there are folks whose first question is "can it be registered for the street?" I see that so often I want to puke, or beat their brains out. Dumb shits. Get a life. Get a brain and use it. Get a bike from a dealer. Stop looking at bikes that shouldn't be registered.
No shit..hehe.
Probably some doofus wants to ride it down to the starbucks.
Since you don't spend a lot of time at the track...let me tell you...that's a track bike.

Lets see you ride farther than the starbucks with that seat and those clipons, the open pipes, no rear fender etc etc...let's hope it doesn't rain.
On the street that's a starbucks bike plain and simple. On the race track it can use all that fancy shit that's hung on it....most street riders don't realize it...but that stuff is there to perform on the track...not look good on the street.

My first bike was a 1946, 45 CID flathead solo, tank shift, foot clutch, left hand spark retard, right hand throttle. Would do all of 50mph...rode it every day. Built every nut and bolt in it.

Yes....that's right...I've seen, rode...and done it all.

I rule!

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Yes I rule!!!!

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Aaron I wish you'd answer my emails you buttmunch.

You know...just a "hey, got your message...but it will take me a week to compose a reply"

Ok...I feel better......better get me a bucket so I can throw up.

I've got a frame if you need one...actually I have three of them.

Wouldn't you like to have my set of VTR forks? You can't though. Come to think of it...they will slide right in my 35mm trees.

Shims will be in the mail Monday. Make sure you thank Sonya for delaying my gift.
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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