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New age cr750

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I'm not sure how well the fairing works, but I do like how the seller took the pictures.
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that bike is pretty radical, been around for some time too as I remember seeing it a few years ago. I'd love to know how functional the whole package is since the original cr750 used a stock cb frame and this one is raked to compensate for the modern forks.
I still don't know what to think when there are folks whose first question is "can it be registered for the street?" I see that so often I want to puke, or beat their brains out. Dumb shits. Get a life. Get a brain and use it. Get a bike from a dealer. Stop looking at bikes that shouldn't be registered.
There are tons more street riders than there are track only riders so I can understand this question. Also the bike has street tires, a headlight, and most of the engine mods are not so radical that it can't be used on the street (yes even the open pipes, but o don;t know about those v-stacked CR carbs). If I bought that bike hell yeah I would ride it on the street, I think it has more business there than on a race track since it is not built as a dedicated race bike either.

What gets me is that the response to the question is that the bike is currently registered for the street, yet it has no tail/brake light. It is a stock cb750 frame (sort of) so I imagine you can register it for the street but in its current config I highly doubt you could get 10 feet without getting pulled over.

Not everybody uses their bike to go just to starbucks. Some of us actually use them as basic transportation. My current boss has a restored tank shift panhead harley (not a chopper) that he rides to work as often as he can.
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1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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