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New age cr750

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I'm not sure how well the fairing works, but I do like how the seller took the pictures.
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My first bike was a 1946, 45 CID flathead solo, tank shift, foot clutch, left hand spark retard, right hand throttle. Would do all of 50mph...rode it every day. Built every nut and bolt in it.
My first friend was also a fat head, tank shift, foot in his ass, left handed retard. And all he did was 50mph too.

Jeremy your left handed right?

Unfortunately I have no excuse other then I'm a jerk. I have some new responsibilities coming to me at work that are a little over my head, I'm trying to get my BSA Short stroked and producing 45hp, rebuilding the new Honda 175 with the new 29mm valves PVL new forks and frame (mine is bent), and trying to get a R6 ready in the next month. Oh yeah my old lady has been leaving for a month now. Plus the package I want to send you is in the back of the Jeep that's in the shop cause Sonja got rearended on RT 1 just before she's leaving.

I did however read your email. My sprockets are starting to show wear. Send me shims.

Cheers, Aaron

And now Sean the Dwarf is quiting so I will have no one to make fun of. I was just getting my self esteem up too.
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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