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A couple questions; How much of the work are you comfortable/competent doing yourself? How much money do you want to spend, and for what?

Whether you choose a Honda or other Japanese brand, or a Triumph or other European Brand will in large part determine the potential amount of time and money spent to make it what you want.

Either way, for your first shot at it, I'd choose a complete bike that is running, or "was running when parked". (although I'd be cautious of the latter)

Some of the basic work is relatively easy, handlebars, seat, tune-up stuff etc. But if you have to learn how to make an engine run, especially a 40 year old engine, the less exotic, the better. The only thing about that is, some of the early Japanese engines are in fact "copies" of some fairly exotic Euro engines, the only saving grace being that there are so many of them that there's usually someone around here that knows what's what.

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