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Do you know what condition the engine is in? That's a fair price for that bike, even if the engine needs a rebuild. I'd approach him with an offer of $1500, and maybe you'll walk away with it for $1750. But even at $2000, that's not bad.

The T140's are 750's and have a great 5 speed gearbox, probably the best Brit gearbox ever made. Plus, the frame is light and handle rock steady, plus you have the disc brake setup on the front, and this bike looks to be an excellent candidate for a cafe bike. And let's face it mate's, true cafe bikes are British as that's where the whole Rocker thing started to begin with, not that Japanese, Italian, etc, bikes don't also work well, but there's a lot to be said for a big rorty Brit bike in cafe mode. Besides, the value on the British stuff is only climbing, they're a good investment. Parts availability is excellent, better than when they were new, and all the old problems they had, back in the day, now have modern solutions making these bikes dead nuts reliable. I road raced and flat tracked T140's, and the only bikes that got by me weren't Japanese, they were British.

GOD SAVE THE QUEEN, buy the Triumph!!

BTW, if you're having trouble finding anything for it at all, let me know [email protected] and I'll head you in the right direction. The engines in them are tractor simple, most of the fittings are metric, but buy a set of wrenches and sockets, British Standard, for around $160, and you'll be all set, these along with a T140 manual.

There's lots of glass and alloy seats and tanks for them, keep in mind that you'll need a tank specifically for a T140 because of the wide backbone (oil in the frame). I even know of a company that will bend you a set of sidepipes into mega-mufflers (sweet looking and sounding). I ran a set on my road racer.

Good Luck!

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