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new and looking to buy

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First of all i am new to the forum. i am in the market for a bike to make into a cafe racer. however, i haven't owned a motorcycle since i was a teenager racing dirt bikes. so i was hoping for some help from you guys.

i found this on craigslist:

is this an ok bike to work with. i haven't found out what all is missing yet but i noticed a few things by looking at the pictures. is this a reasonable price? any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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yea im in beaufort. i have done some investigations into the title deal. i don't thing it will much of a problem except for the price. it may cost a little out of pocket to get one. some states charge a butt load but some are cheap. i am not sure about sc though. thanks for the heads up on the bike. send me some pics to my email. thanks!
There are places online that can issue you a title upon showing a bill-of-sale. Basically, you "sell" them your bike, and they "sell" it back to you for the same price plus a fee of like $75 bucks or so. So, if it's not stolen yer good to go.
i'll get those pics right out to you. oh yeah, i'm always looking for new guns if cash is tight lol.

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