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new bike

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i had someone give me a cb500t today, all it is is a rolling chassis with most of the motor
has anyone ever did anything with em, is it worth messing with or should i use it as a coffee table base?

some people are like slinkies, basically useless but they still make me smile when i push them down the stairs
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Thats pretty funny...really it is.That bid for the front end.

If you have most of the bike, its a twin which I like,as a cafe bike (for the style of it) I think they are worth it.Motorcycle reveiwers ,back in the day ,didnt like it over the 450.But these mid seventies bikes are getting harder to find dailey,That is localy seems there always is a nice one for sale on ebay somewhere in the middle of the us where shipping costs get in the way of a good deal. .I know they made lots of these old bikes but they are diminishing as they get older and lose their titles people just part them out so whole ones are getting harder to find.
And most people that have in the past had these old bikes come thru there hands readily will start to see less and less.
You have to feel it with any bike if you see it as it is and can picture it up and running and looking the way you want ,Id say its worth it...but if your not feeling it for the bike.....You have already got the front end sold....

Im so far behind ,that I think Im in first.
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they are selling motors all day long on ebay that arent frozen they part out every kind of bike with no tilte so if you hav ethe title either buy a motor and parts or sell the fram Bare and title and sell the front end to judedude

Im so far behind ,that I think Im in first.
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