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Ok, Here is how I did it on my race bike, CB350, and why. I removed the stock front end completely. Replaced the bearings with tapered rollers cause I had it apart and the ball bearing races were rusted and dented. I cut all the junk off of the upper and lower triple clamps and then took an adjustable straight reamer and hand reamed out the triple clamps to 35mm. Then I painted the clamps and reinstalled everything on the front end. Now the spacing was still correct for my original drum brake front wheel and my original fender. I used XL350 forks, but still 35mm. All in all it was as close to a bolt up operation as possible. I didn't have to change out any steering stem or wory about offset and trail and such. Plus my instruments still fit in the original location and it looks almost stock. I am running in AHRMA superbike so I need to keep the original fender, headlight and instruments to be legal.


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