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new bike

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i had someone give me a cb500t today, all it is is a rolling chassis with most of the motor
has anyone ever did anything with em, is it worth messing with or should i use it as a coffee table base?

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If you decide to unload it, let me know. I think I'd be interested in the forks, triples, axle.
I'm currently rebuilding mine I got off ebay for 300 bucks. The head gasket was leaking so I decided to rebuild the head. the exhaust valve seats where gnarly, so I lapped them, but one side is still leaking (i poured gas down the ports). Should I just relap til the leak is gone?

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I'm not sure what Geeto is cranking on about, my 500T is a fine bike. With a cam, a little port work, free floing tubes and some jetting it's quite a decent ride. Hell even stock it wasn't bad. I love how the 450 purists like to look down thier noses at 50 extra ccs and a better gearbox.

By spring I'll have mine down to 300 pounds give or take and around 60hp. While not current sport bike standard it'll be a fun little cafe bike that will look good too.

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A running one is a fine bike, probably worth about $1000. A cb500T with missing motor pieces is worth what ever you get parting it out because the only way of you to make a cheap running bike for cheap would be to get another running motor, which may or may not even be feasible. Pricing it out individually (ebay or otherwise) you'll fast find that you can spend $1000 on replacing any major component in that engine and that is before you address anything like the chain, sprockets, or tires, or even drop the motor in the frame. With a project like this it is easy to end up with a $2500 motorcycle worth only $1000.

I personally don't hate the 500T, I'm indifferent to it, but where the 450 attained clut status the 500T has not and is considered by many to not be an improvement over the 450.

Considering Fuzzy had a complete 450 and got rid of it, why would a 500T be a better choice?

If we were talking about a brit bike, or italian, or even a large bore jap bike like an early cb750 or z1 kawi it would be worth it, but a 500t is just asking for trouble.

That being said, they do sound great ripping up the street.
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That seat doesn't look to bad after you worked on it. Contact area on the valve and the seat look decent. I see one area down around the plug may be a tad rough.

Gasoline is kind of thin for checking valve seal. Typically a light oil is used. Maybe lap it a bit more with some finer compound if you can find it. Doesn't look like the seats need to be recut. Remember..put a decent amount of pressure on the valve when you check it. Also remember that the valve will pound itself home a bit during run in. After lapping I usually slap the valve down in the seat a few times before I check the seal to help smooth out any microscopic high spots.

I recently bought a Neway Valve Seat Cutter setup. Works freakin great with a little practice. About $300 bucks.

PS. Remember to clean the compound off really really well before you check the seal...just a single tiny grain of compound will cause it to leak.

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thanks. I think it could have a little compound left on it since it's was freezing in my garage when I did it.
Whatever happened to this bike, Fuzzybutt?
Yeah, I'm not sure why the disparaging commentary about 500T's. All the 450 stuff bolts up, so the aesthetic issues are easy enough to remedy. And yeah, they've got the same torsion bars as 450s. The downside is that the increased stroke was accompanied by some pretty mellow cam angles - I'd recommend either mounting 450 cams, or else an entire 450 head. To my knowledge no one made race cams for the 500 but the 450 ones are around and they do the trick in a 500. Even without, my 500T engines consistently topped out higher than 450s, though the low end was a bit stronger on a stock 450.

So look, a bit of effort, no milling, and you've got a stroked 450. If you're inclined, you can drop a big bore kit for the 450 in it and get yourself up in the 560 range.

I'd say the value is low because people can't find cafe kits for them on ebay.

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