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What's up Cafe Racers,

I am new the the scene but have had regular bikes for the
last 5 years.

I always wanted to get/build a cafe racer. To me...if the
bike is done right - it's a beatuful thing.

My cafe racer is a very interesting bike. I will soon
have some pictures for you. Right now you can get a sneak
peek at

It was initially built by a great guy named Larry and
has has two owners since. The guy I bought it off of,
Ben took great care of it.

I am the third owner at the Cafe level. The mods I have
done and am in the process of doing takes the bike to
an even higher level of Cafe greatness.

The bike is a non-traditinal cafe.. a 1974 CB350 Four.
No, it's not the fastest bike out there. But to me,
it is the funnest.

My type of cafe is not the large displacement bikes.
I like small, fun repli-racer type bikes. This one
is perfect.

I hope to be a contributing member of this forum and
to meet other cafe racer owners in my area and beyond.

It's great to meet you all.
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