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New carbs on 175

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Yesterday I fired up the 175 with the 24mm Keihins and WOW, what a difference. My driveway is too short to ride it on and the hay field was pretty wet so my testing consisted of calling my buddy Joe so he could hear it run over the phone.
Hawk school tomorrow will be a good shakeout.
Right now I have the 100 main jets and needles 2nd clip up from the bottom. Didn't get the airscrew adjusted at all- just 1 turn out from the bottom.
Scott/JohnnyB what are you guys running?

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I found the 102 jets from California, but right now the stock 120s are in. Needle is all the way down. But this is all without testing the bike on any length of track,as you say, just the driveway. With my new exhaust, there is an amazing difference.

I'll be running the SR500 at the track for the morning "practice" (more on that later) and then when it opens up in the afternoon, I'll get the 175 out and we can have some fun. Let's have a drag down the straight. I dont have JB's carbs yet, but I'm 99% sure the thing is going good.

I don't want to pooch the 175 in the am. Plus I have one or two small things to take care of onit, ie scrubbing the new tires etc.

Look forward to seeing you. We should get there by 8:30

will do. Is Hiroshi's bike going to be there?

It took me a while, but it's "stanchion"

45 degrees??!?!?!?! Wow. I got mine at 40, and haven't gone past that.

Bill, can you give me the page or no. of those filters (air) I went to Dennis Kirk and couldn't find them , actually, I didn't want to spend 20 minutes looking for em if you have the info.

hey BFD, Thanks for the link to the BMW site. COOL.

Anyway, i got the air filters this morning, they fit, but I probably would have gone up a size, as they are pretty tight.

Did you apply the oil that's enclosed?
1 - 5 of 18 Posts
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