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New carbs on 175

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Yesterday I fired up the 175 with the 24mm Keihins and WOW, what a difference. My driveway is too short to ride it on and the hay field was pretty wet so my testing consisted of calling my buddy Joe so he could hear it run over the phone.
Hawk school tomorrow will be a good shakeout.
Right now I have the 100 main jets and needles 2nd clip up from the bottom. Didn't get the airscrew adjusted at all- just 1 turn out from the bottom.
Scott/JohnnyB what are you guys running?

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For what it's worth...when my son and I were looking for a paper element (K&N style) filter for his S90, we found a really cool looking one at the local speed shop. It's actually a Moroso crankcase breather for a stock car V8...about the right size and shape for his bike, don't know if you'd have frame clearance issues on a twin though.

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