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For any of you Ducatistas out there, I just wanted to tell you about a book that is newly published--Ducati Singles, 1st person- a buyers guide to the Ducati single--- A really long title, but it pretty much sums up the book.

The author, Tom Bailey of downstate NY, was a salesman/mechanic for a ducati dealer in the 60's and talks of his experiences with bikes, hints on restoration an plenty of just interesting stories.

The book is an easy fun read, and while not heavy on the technical, I learned a lot from it. I would have to say it is a very good companion book to Mick Walkers "Ducati singles restoration"--gives more of an insight to this side of the "pond".

For under $25 it was well worth the cost. The book is available direct from Tom at [email protected].

I'm not getting anything out of this, just wanted to share.
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