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New guy checking in....83 Yam Maxim 750

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Hey, all!! I'm just getting started and need some opinions/ideas if a 1983 Yamaha Maxim 750 is a good bike to start on as a project. I imagine that ANY bike can be made to look and ride good with enough sweat, but I'm not sure if this bike is worth the trouble. I basically got it for free, and everything works on it. It runs well(after a good warm-up), and looks decent. Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks....
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Their a decent, but their a crusier, the frame isn't that stiff and the handling is set up for cruising. But a fre good running bike is always a great deal. I say if this is your first bike, go out and run her, and have fun, then save up and buy something thats a better base for a racer project.

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