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new guy here

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Hi, my name is Albert

I found this page just recently in my quest to learn more about vintage bikes. My motivations for joining here is first cause I think this is stuff is incredible fun, ubber cool and the following:

1. I ride a modern superbike now (an RC51) but I've decided that I would like to get my hands on something fun in a different way so maybe "less" can be more! commuting on the thing is pointless I go into second maybe twice!... just like I think the RC with 130 hp is more fun than than a new R1 with 180 hp because it has more personality (torgue); but really, alot of the new bikes lack personality so I'm on a quest for my next addition to the garage a classic styled cafe racer, because its fun and cool; it reques me to turn it into what interests me and my neighbor can't just go down to the local dealership and pick one up :D

2. My long term (5 years) goals are to build a modern interpretation of a classic single with modern parts and a custom frame; I visualize a cafe racer styled bike with say front suspension of a modern 600cc supersport bike with very similar geometry but powerd by a XR650R motor making about 60hp, with spoked wheels designed for a super-moto bike and the whole package weighing about 300 lbs.

I have alot of reading still left to do, as this is a completly new subject matter for me so let me know what you guys think of my idea. I'm still in my infacy in some of this stuff, althought I have grown up around bikes but nothing from the time period I'm interested in.


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well if you're looking to use an xr 650 engine....i know they are 250s but it might help with ideas....good luck with it and keep us updated.....

the rest of the sight is really cool if you are into old honda xl

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