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new guy, looking for help...

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Hello people,
I'm a new guy. I have never really ridden a motorcycle, but I feel its finally time to give into my long time love of bikes, and aquire my first. I've been poking around a bit on the net, and I absolutely fell in love with the old cafe racers....unfortunately I am poor, and so buying an original is out of the question. So I looked around, and saw a 78 yamaha that had been converted, and it was beautiful - looked just like sex. Anyways, my questions are these....are there any guides to converting a 70's japanese bike into a racer? If so, where can I get one? Are there things to avoid, or things that I should look for?
If anybody could help, i would be greatly appreciative...
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i'll have my little 350 for sale soon....

Ride Fast and Take Chances
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