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new guy, looking for help...

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Hello people,
I'm a new guy. I have never really ridden a motorcycle, but I feel its finally time to give into my long time love of bikes, and aquire my first. I've been poking around a bit on the net, and I absolutely fell in love with the old cafe racers....unfortunately I am poor, and so buying an original is out of the question. So I looked around, and saw a 78 yamaha that had been converted, and it was beautiful - looked just like sex. Anyways, my questions are these....are there any guides to converting a 70's japanese bike into a racer? If so, where can I get one? Are there things to avoid, or things that I should look for?
If anybody could help, i would be greatly appreciative...
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The SR would be competitive with the right engine mods. Right now it is just about stock, i think, probably has a bigger carb. Megacycle makes a kit for it, adds good hP to the bike. Right now it really can't compete with the singles, though. Aaron beat me on the BSA he was riding last year. i think I came in fourth in the vintage singles, though. But the modern singles blow it away.

JB, I bought the bike just as you see it above. It was a sweet deal. Guy bought it on ebay from someone in CA, had it brought to Maine, didn't want it, sold it to me. It's a sweet bike to ride. If I didn;t have any other projects, I'd make the mods to this bike. But the 175 kinda has taken precedence. I have 4 race bikes, now, and I really have to concentrate on one or two at a time . . . and the 175/ and 350 has my time right now.

Nice bike, like the Daytona color scheme......

When in doubt, GAS it!
It's great that you've decided to ride. My suggestion is to get a bike that looks good to you, preferably that you know will be reliable, and learn to ride it. Don't worry about changing things or converting things. You need riding time most. Where do you live? There may be some shops or dealers near you that can help feed the new addiction.

hey, uhm, quick question, when you suggest not changing things, is that because I should concentrate on learning to ride, or because handling cafe racers is somewhat more difficult....just a curiosity.
Both, I guess. A typical cafe set up uses clip-on bars, or cafe bars, either way, they require some getting used to.

21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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