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Hi all,

I've been riding since I could first touch the ground on a little Yamaha 50cc dirt bike several decades ago. I've tinkered with and mod'd several bikes - most recently the ZRX. My wife's ride was the '84 Honda CM400 Custom, which is very cool but after having our first kid, she gave it up (much to my chagrin). I had been thinking about converting her bike into a café racer, knowing that the 84 CM400 would make a great platform. However, after "planning" to do so for over a year, I've had to bite the bullet and accept that I simply don't have time for two project bikes. So they both must go. I figured folks on the café racer site may be the most appreciative group for a bike if this sort.

We live in Northern Virginia, btw. Once I sell the projects, I'll be replacing with something else...more to come there.

Nice to "meet" you all.

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