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New guy with a CB450...

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Aloha all, so here I am with a new to me 1970 CB450. My last one was a 1970 CL450 and I've also had a 78' CB750 and a 1969 SL350. The twins are my favorite.

This one is exceptionally fugly. It hasn't had tags/registration since 1980, it's been sitting (outside) since 1999, and it has all the "cool" shit from the late 1970s. Mini ape-hangers, freeway pegs, 4" over forks, diamond shaped upholstery, and lots and lots of rust!

I think I'm going to call it "el perrito" because it really is a dog right now. Plans call for a full overhaul on the motor, seat and tank, electronic ignition of some sort, clip-ons and rearsets, and LOTS of cleaning/polishing.

I'm thinking mostly black with orange powdercoated rims for a color scheme.

Anyways it's already torn down and I'm sure you all want some pics, so...

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and now, here are a few of it as it sits in pieces. Parts are on the way and I'll be working as time permits...

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Looks like you are bringing that thing back from the brink of the abyss. Good luck and keep us posted.
quote:Originally posted by lyonmt

Looks like you are bringing that thing back from the brink of the abyss. Good luck and keep us posted.
I've seen worse,hell I've OWNED worse.
My take on an old bike is the worse it LOOKS the cheaper I get it for!
Everything has to be redone,restored or replace anyway so the cosmetics to me are just that cosmetic.

I tend to buy bikes everyone passes on and no one wants even at a very low price because they only see it as a piece of junk. When it's all said and done I have a better bike for the money,but it takes a lot of hard work to get it there.
we refer to those bikes as misfits, as in the land of misfit toys from rudolph the reindeer. They have been mistaken as "throw-aways" by those who lack vision. Congrats on the find. keep the pics coming, good luck!!
You know what you need there? You need a custom, new exhaust. Yeah, that's it. And then you can sell me your old non-pitted headers cheap. Yeah, that's it, too.

Welcome to the CB450 club.
Thanks for the support all. Yeah, this one had been listed for a while, I got it for a good price so I'm happy. I also wanted another project and that's exactly what I got.

borzwazie - The shorty mufflers are already in the trash. stock head pipes may or may not stay (possibly going with stainless), I found an extra set of stock pipes for pretty cheap, so maybe if I don't use them we can work something out. BTW, your bike is looking pretty rad.

Oh, and the mini ape bars are gonna go to someone's bike in my buddie's club. I'm not sure they know the bars will end up on their bike, but I'm sure their reaction will be good...
Oh, and here's a pic of the last one I had (1970 CL450).


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Slow Ride....Take It Easy....LOL. reminds me of my how much do you have in it?
Holy rusted fasteners, batman! At least they're allen heads on the engine side covers not the original phillips, so you know they'll all come out. (hopefully in one piece)
If stuff is that rusted up, I would smack each of those engine fasteners with a hammer or a flat faced punch and a big hammer before trying to take them out. Otherwise you may be pulling the threads out with the bolt.

prime fodder for cutting

my pulse still quickens when I see a wounded gazelle like that one
Clutchkith - With all the parts I've purchased, I'm in about $600 or so. I'll be in a lot more by the time I'm done....

Mark/Ken - I've already got all the fasteners loose (impact driver and some PB Blaster) :D

HackAsaw - cutting will commence soon...

I don't have any real updates since I've been spending time on my landcruiser (1987 FJ60 with a late model GM Vortec motor).

I should be able to get some 450 time this weekend.

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NICE!! i was wanting to compare my project to someone else's. I have about the same in mine and am going to post picts soon.
Got a little work on the 450 today.

Found some foot controls from a 1988 FZ600 that I think I can make work.... we'll see how it goes.
I also started cleaning some of the engine covers and triple trees.
Oh, and I started a little experiment putting knee indents in my already dented stock tank... for a first try I think it might work out.

pics below in no particular order.


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I like the knee indents on the tank. No wait, it looks horrible, you should just junk the tank and give me the latch for the lid before the throw it away. lol. Cool build and keep us updated.
HAHAHA!!!! The latch stays with me, tank or no tank...

No work on it today, went surfing instead.
Anyone know what K&N filters fit on my '82 CB450T Hawk (2.125"OD)

Also anyone know what everyone is doing with their batteries? Hiding or Eliminating.....somehow

Oh and one more any tanks and/or seats that fit my bike
wow, nice threadjack.

philos1 - any more updates? Lookin good so far.
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