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New guy with a CB450...

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Aloha all, so here I am with a new to me 1970 CB450. My last one was a 1970 CL450 and I've also had a 78' CB750 and a 1969 SL350. The twins are my favorite.

This one is exceptionally fugly. It hasn't had tags/registration since 1980, it's been sitting (outside) since 1999, and it has all the "cool" shit from the late 1970s. Mini ape-hangers, freeway pegs, 4" over forks, diamond shaped upholstery, and lots and lots of rust!

I think I'm going to call it "el perrito" because it really is a dog right now. Plans call for a full overhaul on the motor, seat and tank, electronic ignition of some sort, clip-ons and rearsets, and LOTS of cleaning/polishing.

I'm thinking mostly black with orange powdercoated rims for a color scheme.

Anyways it's already torn down and I'm sure you all want some pics, so...

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everyone has been instructed to NOT answer your questions till you fill out your bio.

-tex "the dick" mawby
OK, some updates...

Got the motor sent out to a guy in my friend's club. I went over there last week and it looks pretty good inside. Looks like new rings, oil seals and that's about it.

Got my seat from a guy on Ebay.

I started cutting some stuff and made a "hoop" for the tail.

Also got some stuff polished (just a low sheen, since I'm gonna actually ride it)

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Decky, aside from using the search tool. There's a retailer in socal somewhere that specializes in K&N filters. I got the angled bases so that they cleared my old battery setup. Google it :)

Gel batteries are often the way to go for hiding that pesky part of your bike.

As to what tank/seat fits.... try a local bike junkyard and take your current stuff for reference.

None of this stuff is supposed to be too easy to figure out, and that's part of the fun.

This thing should be dope once you get the cobwebs off the crank case;). I love the rear fender on the CL too. That thing is bad ass.

Got the forks re-sealed/rebuilt today, so they're mostly ready. Didn't get much else done on it.

I'm thinking of going with a 2-1 exhaust that comes together under the bike (like a Buell) with a more modern silencer/muffler. I have a guy who can bend up the head pipes, but what about the actual silencer/muffler? I could go the dirtbike route (aluminum and shorter), or maybe get a Buell take-off??? anyone have any ideas/experience with this approach?

I wouldn't go either route on the muffler. Dirt bike route would be too dirt bike, and buell route too "rice". I'm not a fan on the buell muffler, or any modern muffler, big n' fat? Nah, go get a cone muffler with that 2-1 set up~
Wouldn't a cone be too long for under the bike?
ape hangers, diamond pleats, +4" fork, what, no jc whitney coffin tank? great project so far. sano cl you posted up, too. keep it rolling and good luck. cheers, bcr
thanks. I'm pretty sure that the mini apes will end up on someone's bike as a good prank....

As to updates, I've been working on a SOLID seat mounting setup and I should be done with that pretty soon as time permits.

My motor is nearly ready as well. I'm having a friend of a friend work on it as my time is limited these days. I looked at it after tear-down and all looks pretty clean. I got some new piston rings and piston pins are on the way. Also got a new cam chain and rubbers and that's about it besides gaskets. The original honing marks are still on the cylinders!!!

I'll get some pics up when I have something interesting to shoot.

So, center part of the lower case has a hole in it!!!! Luckily we have a spare from a free parts motor... It should be done in a few more days or so.

I got the rear sets mocked up, the frame hacked up some more and the seat mounting figured out.

Here's some of the seating arrangement. I borrowed a friend's plasma table and his bead roller for the upholstery pan.

and here are some of the frame mods I did to get the FZ600 rear sets to work.

I cut off the passenger peg mounts to the tube, then drilled and set new 1/2" tubing in the space.

Easy P-Z....

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Oh yeah, the gap between the seat and upholstery pan is there on purpose. I'll put 1/2" behind as well as in front of the metal so that I can get a thicker looking back portion, as well as to help clear the hump in the seat.

Motor is done.

Rearsets are nearly ready (waiting on some linkage parts)

Frame is nearly ready for powdercoating.

Found some 38mm clip on bars at the 2-stroke show on Sunday,
I'll need to make some sleeves so that they fit my 35mm bars.

Been getting some other small parts, so hopefully I can get it all done over the next several weeks.

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That's a right proper seat mount solution. Looks good.
Hey Shane good to see you made it over here :)

Bike looks awesome!

Now you can join the L.A. CB450 mafia with me & rick and some other guy whose name I forgot.
Check out this 450...

Nice job going
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CB450 mafia... we could leave black roses all around the city ;D

Bmartin, nice looker.

So, after lots of job-related stuff, a trip to Oklahoma, and a bout with gastro-enteritis; I've been working on the bike some.

Today I sent the frame/wheels/and some other bits off to powdercoat.
dropped the seat pan off with the upholsterer. (going with the ostrich again...) :)
Got my Acewell computer in the mail today ;D
I also have a bunch of other misc parts ordered/arrived, so I'll likely start re-assembly late in the week.

Pics to come when stuff is back in my hands.
Some pics ;D

Motor nearly ready to go in and some of the carnage from the PO...

Frame back from powdercoating and seat pan back from upholstery guy.

Fender mod for the battery to sit nice and snug - I. Heart. Velcro. Really.

Wheels are out at Johnson & Wood getting laced, they're also mounting the Avon Roadriders I ordered. Hopefully I'll have a roller by early next week, then I can get cracking on re-wiring and then It'll be time to ride it.

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