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New guy with a question

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Hi I'm new here and thought I should introduce myself and pick your brains while I am at it. I have a 70 BSA firebird with clubman bars homemade rear sets. Motor is bored .040 over but otherwise stock. My question is I want to put a new rear tire on and would like to go wider. I was thinking along the lines of a Avon super venom. How wide can I go with the stock swingarm, rim and chain configuration? Any help would be apreciated.

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A 120 is going to have some rub. I'd go the 110 Venom route just so you wont have to fight it in there. Also make sure your fender is in fact a 1970. The earlier models, I think 1966 and earlier, had the tall skinny 19 wheel. The fender matched, I had to run terribly narrow tyre the first year I had a BSA.

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