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new guy

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I don't usually join forum's and probably can't contribute much but i've been lurking around here for a while and after reading the OCC cafe build post I just had to join! Good stuff
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I'm on long island. live in East Quogue work in Patchogue.
I'm sure it's not such a good thing but WTF it is what it is!
My grandparents had a house in Montauk,still love it out there. I actually grew up in Brentwood and moved out east about ten years ago its getting pretty crowded but still a few good quiet roads left. From my house to Sag Harbor past the old bridgehampton track(sniff..sniff..) is a pretty good loop. I just follow my wife she knows every back road for miles.
Like most of you I have bike issues..Hi my name is Pete and I'm a bikeaholic. Both my wife and i roadrace SV650's she also has a GSXR600 for the street which is the only bike in my garage with a current Reg. I have a Muz skorpion sport cup,a Honda NT-650,an EX500,a TZR250 with a yamaha660 stuffed into it and a Yamaha XS650. A few other mini's for my kid's Oh yeah and an Aprilla 280 climber (trials bike) cause you need one of those!!!.I could register the Muz or the XS but I have been thinking about having a garage sale and picking up something new (well to me anyway) like a BMW 75/5 or even a clean Honda CB500T.Gotta be a twin. Early to mid seventies kinda thing but who knows. If I could make a decision I probably would have already.
So Jamiesix i guess the answer to you question is both I have a bike and at least one in mind!!
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Thanks for the heads up Tex, Krooklyn's 500 looks very nice in the pictures I have to get rid of a few things before anything else come's in. I have been talking to a few people about some of the single cylinder stuff so hopefully something happens soon. I need the room as well as the $$$
Hey Joe, I did a track day or two at summit last year but never actually raced there. I liked that track the pavement was scary looking with all the surface changes and bumps (pot holes) but fun and fast and when you get the chicane right it was a thing of beauty.Since the Bridge closed (10 years almost) We only raced Loudon. But did track days at Summit,VIR,and Beaver when we could get away.
Yo Rosko you actually lived in E.Q no shit! Pretty much middle of nowhere. Kinda like a Long Island version of Mayberry. But your right about the North Sea/Sag roads pretty cool before and after you Citidots leave : ) a bit scary in the summer with all the traffic. My wife grew up in Hampton Bays ,she knows every back road for miles I just follow her and get lost no clue where I am after a while
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