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new guy

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not sure how i found this place but here i am. i am working on a bmw cafe. started with a r65 and building from there.
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hey kevin! funny the cicles i run in are getting smaller and smaller. i already know someone here! have to get some pixs for everyone to see.
i know that feeling. that was the same i had when i rode a r65 that a friend had. i had wanted a r bike since. this one was a salvaged bike at the local salvage yard. i ended up trading the guy three bikes and a bunch on other parts for it. i was going to do the whole get it inspected and get it back on the road. i found a clean frame with paper so now i am going to switch everything and not worry about inspection. it saves me having to remove have of the stock stuff i needed to pass inspection.

i stripped it of the bronco brown and laid down some ppg acid tangerine orange with red pearl and a bunch of clear.

i am going to have two seats, one near stock bench for giving rides to my kids and an the other a cafe style on a stock seat pan i won from ebay.

my back was crushed at work so no clubmans for this one. and i need something that will block the wind a little better so i am using a higher givi fairing. not even sure if i can ride yet to be honest. i just had my third (hope final) surgery last week. we'll see if it does what it is supposed to.

do we have to link the pixs here? looks like it. have to move them to my photobucket account then i'll get some pixs up for everyone.
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1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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