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new guy

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New here got a 75 XS working towards a cafe bike have owned a mean RD350 in El Paso and a Laverda SF2 rode for a long time almost sucumbed to the chopper craze with my other XS but i have seen the light. hope to be of some help here .
from Spokane Wa if any one cares

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hey slick i have been there a few time you are right it does make my gears turn but to me he seems to be kind of costly. at least his rear sets to seem to be alot. At any rate seeing as how the wife won't ride with me seems i got a nice winter project I got the new bushings for the swing arm new head set tapered rolloer bearings pod filters sucker run great just need a liitle help in the handeling dept. going to get a web cam and breath on it a bit this wimter i am just at a loss for rear sets it blows me away people want $250 or 300 or more for rear sets i mean dang they have not changed in 20 or 30 years the work the same way mount the same way as the did in 75 or 70 Ok i will get off my soap box now
glad to be hear really and thanks for the replies

75 XS650 standard soon to be cafed out and a 74 TY 250 trials bike
WOW i just re-read my post must have had to many beers last night my spelling sucks big time.

75 XS650 standard soon to be cafed out and a 74 TY 250 trials bike
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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