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I’ve had trouble figuring out what’s what Becsuse there into much info on YouTube or websites. Recently I’ve been dealing with my bikes wheels and was told that I can’t buy any newer rims because they don’t make them like mine. I was wondering if anyone knows what rims would fit my bike Becsuse I’m having a hard time finding any original ones. My rims are missing spokes and they are discontinued now. Glad to be in this group, hope soemone knows something that I don’t.

I’m not looking to spend $2000 on a $3000 bike, that’s why I’m asking. Also, no one can work on my wheels because they can’t order any more parts for them, so that’s also not an option, just looking for wheels that might fit that are not too expensive!
New rims and spokes are used to rebuild old wheels every day. There's more to the story that we're not hearing. Somebody is misundertanding a need, question, and/or answer.

After typing a long reply I re-read your post and realized maybe there is some confusion as to what "rims" are? No flame intended, people get it wrong all the time, especially car guys. But I'm not sure if you need rims, wheels, or spokes?

Just to make sure we are on the same page - rims and wheels are not the same thing. Your rims aren't missing spokes, your wheels are. You can buy new rims all day long. No, they won't be OEM replacements but you aren't restoring a '74 Ducati Super Sport so no one will care. Trash the stock steel rims and replace them with aluminum. You'll be that much closer to getting a seat at the cool kids table if you do.

Here's an example of what's out there if you know what to look for:

You also need to know what size your hub is to make sure the holes are drilled at the right angles. But... a lot of guys just roll the dice when it comes to that. I recently ordered some rims from an XS650 place (owned by the same people I linked to above) for a Ducati. Rims are not (for the most part) band specific. Search for the size you need, not just the bike you want to use them on. I knew the XS used a hub about the same size as what I was using, so the chances were good the spoke holes would work and they did. I have been burned doing that before though... these days if it's a serious project I spend the money and buy them from Buchanan's, drilled to fit.

You can also buy new spokes in any length you'll need. Figure out what you need and look for that instead of looking for original replacements for a, um, whatever that is.

New wheels CAN be built on your old hubs using new rims and spokes. It is done all the time. Buchanan's is a place that will sell you exactly what you need and it will all work because they drill the rims specifically for your application and size the spokes to work with the rims you're buying and the hubs you're using. But they aren't cheap, and I'm getting the idea you can't do the work yourself which adds more cost.

Maybe your actual rims are fine and you only need spokes? In which case call Buchanan's and get exactly what you need all brand spanking new for under $300 or so? Of course then you have to find someone to relace the wheels.

As for cost... if you're not going to spend $2k on a $3k bike, don't buy a $3k bike that needs $2k in parts? I don't mean to be a jerk but parts cost what they cost no matter what bike they are going on. Cheap bikes are often more disposable than rebuildable. You can learn a lot with them but that education is going to cost you.
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