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New Member here, I'm building a CB160 (CR93 Replicia) with 175 cylinders & Cyl. Heads.
One of the guy's at WRRA suggested a larger Oil pump was available but I could'nt find one, I modified a old one from 14mm to 17mm a increase in flow of 18% if my math is correct.
I'd post a photo but don't know how ?.

I'm interest in exhust pipe information sizes etc. anyone out there that can Help ?.

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Late model CB200's have a slightly larger capacity pump that will fit vertical 175 models but will not fit CB160's or Sloper 175's. Although I think you can use the plunger from the 200 if you bore out the 160 pump body...course you've already solved your problem :)

I'll be honest with you, after a few hard seasons racing both vertical and sloper style 175's I've yet to see any oiling issues. I think it was Scott on this group that did some testing and found that at 12,000 rpm they pump quite a bit of oil. One hint is to open up the altenator side oil orifice that feeds the top end. Something like 2mm would be good. Personally I open up both sides a couple of drill sizes. If you have that extra capacity you should probably send it to the top end. Honda over oil the crankshaft and under oils the camshaft on just about every one of their engines I've ever worked on.

Welcome to the group, we have quite a few experienced 175 racers here.
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