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Glad I found this forum.
Been lurking for a while and want to put up a huge TY for all the excellent links I've bookmarked from checking out all the excellent projects I've found and checked out here.
I am about to embark on a project bike I have owned for some time now and will likely be posting many questions in the coming months. Gratitude in advance for any assistance I get from the group.
This is the bike I'll be resurrecting 1971 OIF Triumph TR6R 650 Trophy
It is mostly stock parts as it stands and need a complete overhaul to the front end which was damaged in an unforeseen and unexpected abrupt stop.
My goal is to update with newer tech braking and suspension, perhaps a pazon ignition system as well.
Any pointers in the right direction that may save me headaches and research time will be greatly appreciated.
Will post more as I get her into the house for tear down.
Peace n ride safe.
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