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New Member, Ben

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Hi I'm Ben getting back into biking after having to take a couple of decades off, due to a sick wife.
Went down to my farm today and pulled my old Yamaha XS650 out of the dirt.
It will be my cafe racer.


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yes had just about everything done to the engine, It is 744 CCs, I think 10.5 compression, Shell cam. Ported etc. I've had it since about 1985. At one time I even had flat slide carbs on it.
It would idle and run wide open, could never get them tuned in for the street. Felt much faster than my brothers CB750, but we never actually raced him.. Would easily spin 8500 in high with stock gearing. Was much faster than my wife's Yamaha 550 Vision, even though that was a nice bike. Anyway, I loved that bike and I'll love it again!!!!
Thanks for the support!
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Do you think I can still use those forks?
I'm kind of interested in switching entire front ends if it is not too expensive
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