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New Member, Ben

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Hi I'm Ben getting back into biking after having to take a couple of decades off, due to a sick wife.
Went down to my farm today and pulled my old Yamaha XS650 out of the dirt.
It will be my cafe racer.


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Looks like it had some tasteful functional mods at the time.; fork brace, oil cooler, quality exhaust, decent bars, aluminum rims (look like they are aftermarket?)

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You might be able to get them replated, but it might be more timely and economical to get in contact with Forks by Frank and get new replacement tubes.

I’m assuming they are the stock forks swapped left to right to put the caliper on the trailing side of the fork and a caliper from something else.
Race Tec emulators and springs are absolutely worth the cost/effort
And for the XS, there is a slightly cheaper version of the emulators from MikesXS.
1 - 3 of 23 Posts