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Hey guys, I'm just introducting myself. I'm 17, I love trucks, cars, and motrorcycles. My first project was when I built my 1995 Dodge Ram with my dad, that was a couple years ago, and now I'm wanting to build a motorcyle. The only thing is that my dad isn't really around so this time, I'm on my own, I recently purchased a 1987 Honda VFR700 Interceptor and am wanting to make it a kickass cafe/fighter combination. I alrady started a project build thread here: don't worry, I understand the rules and regulations of forums as I was a member on dodge forums all through my truck's build.

I ship out to Navy Bootcamp in August and I want to finish my Honda before then... Anyways, I just wanted to thank you guys for being so kind, and I can't wait to here the suggestions you all have.

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