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New Moto only cable channel?

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This started out on ChiVinMoto and then on to NYCvinMoto so bear with me.

Everyone should chime in if they want to see something decent and Moto related on cable. Copied and amended from the original post on ChiVinMoto:

This is supposed to launch June 2007. They are saying they have gotten
input about what people DO NOT want to see (carbon copy of the crumby
stuff on discovery, stunts, etc), but they want to hear what people DO
want to see.

I can't find an address to email them to tell them I want to see shows
about vintage bikes. Anyone out there know anything about this and know how to contact these
folks ?

RickL thinks they need to do a show about IoGTT or something that would be Chi, and Vin. I'd like to see something on the MotoGiro or maybe a weekly program showing highlights from the different vintage races? How about an 'Antiques Roadshow' type program that just follows swap meets? Yeah, thats the ticket. VinMoto TV!

If anyone can figure out HOW to contact these people post it here!

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I wanna see stunts!!!!!

I didn't mind the Discovery channel stuff - the early jessie james and Billy Lane stuff was cool - the tuttles and OCC was a joke, but they were dicks before they ever got a TV show (ask me about my expirence at Marcus Dariy sometime).

Really if you are going to do an all motorcycle channel then cover all aspects of motorcycles, not just racing. I love MotoGP and IOM stuff but the rest I don't really care too much (although I would watch drag racing and flat track if it were on). The discover channle stuff and the stunts is stuff that has a high visual impact and gets good ratings - why not if it will bring more people into the fold.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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