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New parts for CB350.

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Hey to the forum. Looks great so far.

Im gonna be starting building my first Cafe Bike.

Im looking into a CB350. Good choice?

Is it possible to fit a H&D motor in there? I might be crazy.

Do you guys know some websites to order brand new parts?

Is it possible to order a brand new CB350 motor?

Thanks to all.

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the cb350 twin is a great choice for a bike (provided you are not over 6'2 or weigh more than 230 lbs). The cb350 four is not that great a choice unless you score one for really cheap.

As for putting the HD motor in the frame, I'm sure you can make anything fir with enough welding rod and tubing but I'm telling you right now it ain't worth it, financially or practically. Used sportsters are relativley cheap, you can get one and then be done with it and there are people that make cafe parts for sportsters.

It is not possible to get a new cb350 engine from honda. However there are shops that would happily rebuild any cb350 engine for you and make it like new or better. As the saying goes: speed costs money - how fast you wanna go. Because the cb350 twin is a good racebike there are suppliers for new parts out there. However since it has been a long time since I have spun a wrench on a 350 I'll let someone else tell you about whose out there still making parts.

As far as a kick only bike that is completely possible, but you will still need to run a battery if you are going to use it as a street bike.
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1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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