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New parts for CB350.

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Hey to the forum. Looks great so far.

Im gonna be starting building my first Cafe Bike.

Im looking into a CB350. Good choice?

Is it possible to fit a H&D motor in there? I might be crazy.

Do you guys know some websites to order brand new parts?

Is it possible to order a brand new CB350 motor?

Thanks to all.

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Honda made a ton of 350 twins. The ideal years to own in my opinion (from a parts availability/cheapness standpoint primarily) are '69-73. others may differ based on different criteria.

I think all would agree that the CB350 is bulletproof, readily available in the used bike market, relatively trouble-free (this IS a 30-35 year old bike we're talking about after all), time-tested, fun as hell and has a LOT of street/track potential. If this is your first bike, you could scarcely do better from a practical standpoint.

Sorry, but I'm not even gonna touch the Harley question (I have my opinions).

I rent shop space at a nearby jap only junkyard (The Rice Paddy) and the owner has 28 complete 350's sitting around with another dozen engines on the rack. Are you sure yours needs a full rebuild? It's a pretty simple motor to wake up (and rebuild for that matter). If you've got some basic metric wrenches, some friends with a little knowledge, a shop manual and a place to work on it, go for it. Its a good learner motor, too.

What's wrong with your motor?

If I can help, I will. I am a hack, though.


Honda go sideways!
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Both the 350 and the 400 may be a little small for a guy your size -- then again I know guys that tall who've raced 'em.

From what i know, the 400 is a bit more "technical" bike than the 350. I hear they're fast n' flicky though. I want one real bad.

I can't tell if you've bought a bike yet, or are still shopping around. If you are, consider a CB450. A bit taller bike than the 350, its a race proven twin with many of the same benefits as the 350, and some say its one of the more shameless Brit bike copies out there, a.k.a. easy to cafe. They're getting ridiculous money for mid 60s 450's ("Black Bombers" - holy crap are they cool) but a post '70 model shouldn't set you back too far.

Here's a pretty one:

Honda go sideways!
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Tex, was it a gold CB500 with 4-2 slash cuts? Did you get it off the Cosmo guys?

I'll ask Tom about the carbs...

Honda go sideways!

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Far out. Used to be my bike. She was proudly dubbed "Golden Thunder" by the shop mechanic. I put a Barnett Clutch and stiffer springs in it and I think I'm still suffering from carpal tunnel in my left hand.

Prettiest bike I ever owned tho'.

Damn. Small world.

Honda go sideways!
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