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New parts for CB350.

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Hey to the forum. Looks great so far.

Im gonna be starting building my first Cafe Bike.

Im looking into a CB350. Good choice?

Is it possible to fit a H&D motor in there? I might be crazy.

Do you guys know some websites to order brand new parts?

Is it possible to order a brand new CB350 motor?

Thanks to all.

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I would like it strictly Kick Start.

I want to have a very minimalist bike.

Throttle, lights, brakes and wheels basicly.


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Wow...Thank you guys. Great infos.

KrapFever: Here are you? I cant find a 350 in Vancouver. I wouldnt mind shipping it over here.

Im accually 6'3" 230lbs...Too tall and big for a 350?

Also...I want the bike ultra minimalist.

What is the are minimum i have to put on it?




Motor / Drive train

Small lights all around.

Thats about it right?

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Just found a CB400 F 1975 in great shape.

Should i go ahead?


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