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I have 7 bridge rectifiers for sale! I need to unload them to clean up my garage!

This solid-state silicon based rectifier is about 7% more efficient than the old selenium based rectifiers used in the 1970s and earlier. It is aluminum-cased, epoxy filled runs much cooler than the original part and if bolted down to the original bracket, no heat sink is required. This unit is half the size of a Zippo lighter and weighs next to nothing.

This rectifier will do a better job of keeping the battery charged. This part is rated at 35 amps constant use while the rectifiers on most of the older bikes were only rated at 12 to 15 amps. This rectifier should outlast the original part by several times under normal operation.

This rectifier is suitable for use on any of the older Hondas (and other) motorcycles that use a permanent magnet alternator, a 4-wire rectifier and do not have the voltage regulator built into the rectifier. Some early Hondas have 3 wires connecting to the rectifier to the wiring harness but are really a 4-poll rectifier. They are grounded directly through the mounting bracket.

A partial list of bikes this rectifier will work on is
Most 50 through 110cc models, CB125, CA150, CB160, CB100, CB175, CB200, CL72 & CL77 Scrambler, CB72 & CB77 Hawk, CA72 & CA77 Dream, CB350, CB360, CB450 (CA, CB, CL SL and XL models all use the same rectifier.)

This part does not work on the any of the 4 cylinder Hondas.

Looking for $15 each that includes shipping if you want the whole lot of 7 make it $85 I have diagrams of unit

SEND EMAIL TO [email protected]
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