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New to Caferacer,net

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Just joined the forum.

I usually post on the CB1100F forum but those guys aren't really into

My bike is coming along, I have a link in my profile to my photobucket album for anyone who might be interested.

I'm kinda caught between caferacer and streetfighter with it, I recently installed 900RR forks and have a F4 swingarm going on it soon.

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I like the bike, really hulky looking.

I don't get the narrow-minded. I like most all genres of motorcycles and don't understand people who slam everything but what they're into. I.E.I like Harley's, but a lot of the Harley people won't even talk to you if you ride something else. Motorcycles are about symetry, design, beauty and the beast, power, finesse, metal, aluminum, carbon-fiber, iron, rubber, paint and even rust sometimes. They're like the blues: the pentatonic scale and 12 bars and someone will always find a new way to play it, always.

1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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