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New to Caferacer,net

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Just joined the forum.

I usually post on the CB1100F forum but those guys aren't really into

My bike is coming along, I have a link in my profile to my photobucket album for anyone who might be interested.

I'm kinda caught between caferacer and streetfighter with it, I recently installed 900RR forks and have a F4 swingarm going on it soon.

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that is a badass looking bike. wish mine looked half as good. i'd actually like to have a cb1100f, they came out whne i was in high school and they were the bike to have. i also am into any bike at all, as long as you get your knees in the breez it's cool. in addition to cafes i'm heavily into choppers, nice, basic bobbers. in fact i've decided to do a hardtail chop with this cb450 that was given to me.

some people are like slinkies, basically useless but they still make me smile when i push them down the stairs

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