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New to modification from NJ

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Hi all,

I am an average rider with 4 years experience "in the saddle" as it were but very little experience with modification. I built myself a Subaru WRX last summer but cars aren't bikes, so here I am. A good friend of mine just turned me onto the cafe idea and I think this is a great opportunity to learn. I can learn more about bike modification while learning to appreciate what it means to ride a cafe bike. I will be mostly lurking here. I have been around forums enough to know that the information I need is likely already here.

The project is a 1970 CB750. Right now it doesn't run but it used to. My father has neglected the bike a bit from lack of finances and I want to take this and breathe new life into it. I see it here already "Free bike is the most expensive" but this bike means too much to him for me to let it rot any longer.

I am here to learn from those with experience. If your opinions are harsh, lets here it. I take criticism well and hope that the information from this site can help me make the 750 something awesome again.

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yeah, Lets see some pics of that 750. K0 (1969-1970) cb750s are kind of a special 1.5 year only breed (I say 1.5 because sandcasts are a subset of K0s and are a special bike all their own).

I'm sure to you it's just an old motorbike but from a resto/value standpoint they are usually worth 5-6 times what any other cb750 is worth depending on how close to stock they are.
this is a stock 1970 K0:
Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Car Motor vehicle

They came in 3 colors: Candy Red, Candy Turquoise, and Candy Gold.

Unique to them are the pipes, the side covers, the oil tank, the cam, the carbs, the disc setup, the seat, the gauges, the center stands, and various other bits and bobs.

This is a 1973 CB750K in flake Sunrise Orange:

It's pretty much the same as all bikes between 1972 and 1976 with minor differences, and 1971 is a bridge year where some parts like the brakes and gauges are K0 compatible but the rest of it is K2-K6.

here is a breakdown of mechanical changes between the years:
CB 750 Service

also here is a model guide, click on the different bikes to see the links:
CB750K Model Guide ? The SOHC/4 Owners Club
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