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New to modification from NJ

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Hi all,

I am an average rider with 4 years experience "in the saddle" as it were but very little experience with modification. I built myself a Subaru WRX last summer but cars aren't bikes, so here I am. A good friend of mine just turned me onto the cafe idea and I think this is a great opportunity to learn. I can learn more about bike modification while learning to appreciate what it means to ride a cafe bike. I will be mostly lurking here. I have been around forums enough to know that the information I need is likely already here.

The project is a 1970 CB750. Right now it doesn't run but it used to. My father has neglected the bike a bit from lack of finances and I want to take this and breathe new life into it. I see it here already "Free bike is the most expensive" but this bike means too much to him for me to let it rot any longer.

I am here to learn from those with experience. If your opinions are harsh, lets here it. I take criticism well and hope that the information from this site can help me make the 750 something awesome again.

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How about learn what makes a K0 CB750 special and try not to fuck it up.
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