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New xs 650 project.

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Hello. I have a question regarding 74 xs650 that I just picked up last night. It is going to be my first project and this will be my first of many questions.

Does anyone know it the xs750 tank will mount up with no modifications?

Also, does anyone know what kind of tank this is?
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Thanks man... I was thinking the same thing about the tank. It might be custom made. I really just want something with the knee indentions to polish and ad the knee pads to. I think its an awesome look.
something like this would be cool too. something slim. Im not really feeling the street tracker seat though....
Thanks for the links.

Can anyone confirm that the XS 750 tank will fit with no modification?
I'll answer my own question. The 750 tank can only be used with modification to the mounting points on the frame.
1 - 5 of 8 Posts
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